Prestigious Haute Couture Maison
Koji Atelier, Haute Couture Maison, has commemorated 44th Anniversary.
In 1972, the designer Koji Watanabe, who mastered fashion in Paris and London,
established the brand with Mr. Jean-Paul Dunand.
Today, Koji Watanabe pursues for further possibility of Haute Couture. He is aiming at integration between traditional elegance and modern beauty, with his daughter Yoko, who mastered fashion in Paris.
Complete order made dress!
An Exquisite Dress just for you.
Haute Couture Dress is the complete order made dress, once born in Paris and beloved by many noble and prestigious people. We promise to provide
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Since established in 1972, Koji Atelier has produced many attractive dresses.
His collection in Europe and America are highly praised by royal families and many celebrities in the world.
Recently, his fans are broadened to China, and the dresses by Koji Atelier have become more and more international.
Established a luxurious haute couture Koji Atelier at Ginza with Mr. Jean-Paul Dunand, the Givenchy Paris ex-worker.
At the invitation of the Royal Collection, patronaged by the British Royal Family, he showed his designer garments at The London Mansion House.
Appeared in the magazine, Paris Vogue, (December 1st edition), featured as a leading fashion designer in Ginza, Tokyo
At the second invitation of the Royal Collection, he showed his designer garments at the Parliament House in Edinburgh, and appeared in the article of interview in the French Newspaper, Liberation.
Under contract with Tokyo Style Co., Ltd. he unveiled his high class prêt-à-porter line, "Koji Watanabe Style," and under contract with Yoshizen Co., Ltd., initiated design of school uniforms.
Appointed as Princess Yamato’s formal garment designer at the bi-millennium anniversary of Ise Shrine.
Held a Fashion Show for the Chinese celebrities in Beijing.
Held his show at the Italian Ambassadorial residence. He became the first Japanese fashion designer selected to for such event.
Held Exhibition of Fashion Drawings in Sumi Brush Ink at the Nippon Gallery, New York.

Held a high class Fur Fashion Show in collaboration with Dominique Ouzilleau at the Canadian Embassy, Tokyo.
Made appearance at a TV fashion program, “Oshare-Koubou,” on NHK.
Held “KOJI WATANABE FASHION SHOW in Shanghai” at Shanghai World Financial Culture & Media Center in celebration of The Shanghai Expo.,Chengdu
Held Collection of the new brand by Koji and Yoko, “Ginza YOUKOU,” at Shangri-La  Hotel Chengdu, tied up with Chengdu TV(CDTV)

Held Collection in celebration of 40th anniversary of Koji Atelier at Palace Hotel Tokyo
To celebrate the Koji studio 40th anniversary, held a collection at Koji atelier.
Museum【Le Salon des Boiseries (Pavillon de Marsan, Palais du Louvre)】